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Block Joint Mortar

Adhere Lock Fix block jointing mortar is superior water resistant cement based mortar specially formulated for joining blocks. This mortar is specially designed and manufactured under stringent quality controls to give superior adhesive strength, higher durability and a strong bond between the blocks.

Tile Mortar

Excellent performance, highly polymer modified, high strength, flexible tile adhesive for fixing vitrified tiles and glass mosaics in interior and exterior situation. Suitable for walls and floors. is non-slip and water resistant.

Wall Filler

fills the fine pores of concrete / mortar walls (Interior & Exterior) / ceilings and provides smooth, dry surface essential for painting. It has better water resisting properties, durability, good adhesive strength and enhance the life of the paint. ADHERE – WALLKING can be applied even on moist surface.

Wall Plaster

Ready –Mix Plaster is manufactured in advanced dry mix plant with latest technology process. Plaster is ready to use by just mixing water at site. This process eliminates job-site mixing practices. Hence it gives consistent quality with required sand mesh sizes in exact proportion which is most important for compactness of plaster. Further to have desired work ability, less rebounding losses, required slump properties and overall durability.


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